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Your Dream Closet – Let Carolina Closets Help Make Your Dreams Come True

October 28, 2015

carolina closetsDo you love every feature of your home? Maybe the kitchen is to die for, the master bath has all the trimmings and the spacious three-car garage is just what you always wanted. But what about the master bedroom closet? Does it really suit your storage needs? If not, it’s time to pull the trigger on the custom closet you have always dreamed of.

Not sure where to start? A closet designer from Carolina Closets can help you begin, implement and wrap up every stage of the project. Here’s what you need to get started.

Cover the Basics

First, decide what types of closet storage interest you. Some of your options include:

  • Shelves to store sweaters, dress shirts, purses and more
  • Drawers to hide away pajamas, undershirts and socks
  • Cabinets for added sophistication and the chance to store belongings behind closed doors
  • Pull-out baskets and bins for storing extra linens or bath towels
  • An island to increase storage space if your walk-in closet is large enough
  • Multiple-tiered clothes bars, including a pull-down rod for the third tier nearest the ceiling so you can maximize vertical closet space
  • Storage racks or cubbies for your shoes

Choose Organization Accessories

With the basics out of the way, it’s time to pinpoint the precise accessories you would like to help your custom closet stay neat and organized. Some of the most popular closet accessories include:

  • Tie racks and scarf hooks to keep these accessories from ending up on the floor
  • Laundry hampers with unique swing-out or pull-out designs
  • Shelf dividers to keep stacks of clothes well organized
  • Jewelry trays so you never misplace a pair of earrings again
  • A fold-down ironing board for quick clothing prep in the morning
  • Hooks to hang hats, umbrellas and robes
  • A swing-out mirror so you can make sure your outfit is in order

With the right unique accessories for your needs, you’ll always have a place for everything. Never again will clothes and accessories pile up on the closet floor!

Pick Your Color

custom closet colorsOnce you have a layout fairly well established, the last step is to choose a color. Carolina Closets will work with you to choose the right color and finish, as well as the necessary closet accessories.

If you want a painted look, choose from white, black, and different shades of grey and cream. If you prefer the wood grain to show, you have multiple textured and rustic looks to choose from. Check out the colors page to assess precisely what color or finish you think will go best in your home.

No matter what type of closet system and color you end up choosing, the design and installation process is much easier with a closet designer by your side. To start the custom closet design process, please request a free quote from Carolina Closets today.

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