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Why You Need A Custom Closet Today

July 22, 2016

Carolina melamine closet

You might think that your current closet is good enough. After all, it holds your clothing and is not completely awful. However, you do not know what you are missing without a custom closet. These reasons show you how much better your life could be with the right custom closet tailored to fit your needs.

Custom Closets are Designed to Match Your Style

There is a huge difference between the closet you got when you moved into your house, and the designs you could have with a custom made closet. The closet you currently have does not take into consideration your needs. For example, you may have far more pairs of shoes than you can reasonably accommodate, or a penchant for scarves that is not served well with a cookie-cutter closet design. These closets create perfect organization for the things you have, in a style that suits the room and makes you feel better every time you look at it.

Easy to Find Your Clothing and Accessory Items

Basic closets are just that–basic. You might just get a hanging rod and a shelf above it. This is hardly enough. People who try to live in such a closet arrangement find that the overly minimal design makes it much harder to find things they need. You pore over a sea of hangers, trying to find the perfect shirt or dress. Custom closet designs allow you to put everything away, no matter how much you have. That way, you can always locate what you need right away, without having to waste time hunting.

Custom Closets Provide More Space for New Clothing

Efficiency is a key benefit of designing your own closet. The less organization you have, the fewer things that you can store in the closet. You might have a tall closet that has room for not one but two rows of shelving above the hanging rod. This is valuable space you could use to rotate clothing out by season. Deep closets can use shelving, cabinets and drawers to maximize the space at the back and in the corners. Once you get everything organized, you may be surprised how much more you can fit in there.

Custom Closets Save You Money

This organizational system makes it easier for you to keep the entire closet completely orderly. You can even use custom closet doors to store accessories like scarves or jewelry. Not only do you save time, but you also avoid having to spend more money. When you cannot find things, you tend to purchase them over again. By designing your closet and knowing where everything is located, you ensure that you do not waste money buying duplicates of shoes, coats or gloves.

Now that you know why you need a custom closet, you should come explore the custom wardrobe closets Carolina Closets can offer you. When you are ready to take the next step, contact us for a free closet installation estimate.

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