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4 Storage Ideas For Your Kids’ Room Closets

September 19, 2016



If you’ve given the closet in your master bedroom lots of attention lately, you may be pleased that you finally got it working well for your needs. Now it’s time to turn your focus to your kids’ room closets. After all, your children can benefit from having a stylish, organized closet just as much as you can. Use these five kids room closet designs to inspire you.

1. Small Bins for Small People

Bins are a great way to quickly get clutter off the floor. You can utilize multiple types of small bins in your kids’ room closets to maximize space and meet their needs. Angled wall-mounted bins installed below shelves prevent this space from going to waste. Slide-out wire bins give you ample storage options for swimming suits, underwear and more. Wicker bins lining the top shelf help keep lesser used items out of the way.

2. Containers and Smart Shelving

Every kid’s room closet organizer should include shelving. This versatile surface gives you a place to store everything from clothes to bulky toys. You can also pile smaller toys and accessories into containers and line the shelves with them. This provides a great use of space. Smart shelving with adjustable shelves are also easy to transform as your children get older and their storage needs change.

3. Velcro Stuffed Animal Hack

Stuffed animal storage is an issue in many children’s rooms. One option is to stick heavy-duty Velcro strips to the wall and attach a small piece to the back of your children’s stuffed animals. (Be sure to mount the scratchy side to the wall and the soft side to the stuffed animals.) This way, kids can easily grab the toy on display they want to play with, and cleanup at the end of the day is a breeze.

4. Out-of-Season Items Stay Out of Reach

It’s important for your children to be able to reach all the clothes and accessories they need for the current season. To prevent the closet from becoming overcrowded, pack up out-of-season items and move them into storage bins placed on the highest shelf of the closet. If your children’s closets don’t have space for this, move out-of-season items to a different part of the house.

Kid Closet Transformation

In many cases, kids’ room closets are far bigger than necessary. After all, children have smaller and fewer clothes than adults. Make better use of the space by bringing furniture into your kids’ closets to create a study area or reading nook. You can continue to store items on shelves and hanging rods higher up, but the area closest to the floor is transformed into a better-utilized space.

If you like these ideas for organizing your kids’ room closets, please contact us for a free Carolina Closet installation estimate to bring these solutions to life!

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