Work from Home? Organize Your Carolina Office Like a Pro

Work from Home? Organize Your Carolina Office Like a Pro

July 1, 2015

As technology facilitates telecommunication, a growing number of people are working from home. However, a disorganized workspace can be stressful and decrease productivity. This means home office organization is more important than ever. Follow these tips to help you get the most from your workspace.
Home Office Organization

Install Shelves

That empty wall in your home office could be put to good use if you put in a bookshelf. You can also maximize the space above your desk with well-mounted shelves. Store everything from binders and notebooks of previous projects to bins of office supplies to pictures of your loved ones. After all, your home office shouldn’t be all business; a little personalization gives it some much-needed flair.

Replace Your Clunky Desk

Odds are if you work from home part-time, you use a laptop so you can easily bring your work with you back to the office. This means you don’t need a big desk to be productive. In fact, a clunky desk could take up more space than necessary, space you could use more productively if you replaced the desk with a smaller one.

If you’re worried about losing storage space, consider this: you can install custom-built office storage cabinets to utilize more vertical wall space. That way, you can keep just the items you’re currently working on at your desk. This increases productivity and may be vital if you can’t dedicate an entire room as your home office.

Hang Pegboards

If office supplies currently clutter your desk, consider hanging a pegboard nearby. This versatile home office organization solution lets you attach hooks, storage cups and mini shelves to store everything from scissors and staplers to rolls of tape and paper clips. This way, these important supplies remain close at hand without taking up valuable space on your desk.

Consider a Compatible Design

home office designThe appearance, quality and functionality of your home office largely determine how comfortable and productive you are in the space. A custom home office with matching furniture finishes and installations creates the perfect tone to get work done in less time.

Are you aware of the effect color has on your behavior? Blue stimulates mental productivity, yellow makes you optimistic, red stimulates physical activity, and green increases feelings of balance.

While the hue certainly has an effect on your home office, a room’s color intensity is actually more important for determining if it’s a stimulating or calming space. Work with a professional designer to help you decide which colors you should incorporate to make your home office the most productive and visually pleasing space possible.

Working from home is an exciting opportunity! When you’re ready to maximize home office organization, please contact Carolina Closets. We have four convenient locations around the borders of North Carolina, South Carolina and Georgia to better serve you.

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