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Walk-In Closet Organization 101

May 28, 2015

Walk-in closets are highly desirable home features, but if yours has seen better days, it’s time to get serious about reorganizing this storage space. Not sure how to get started? Follow this closet organization guide to go from a cluttered conundrum to a satisfying solution.

20140304_154414Call in the Professionals

It’s completely normal to feel overwhelmed by the prospect of de-cluttering your walk-in closet. If the large space is packed to the brim and overflowing, the normal reaction is to shut the door and ignore the problem.

However, with help from an experienced closet designer, you can begin to unravel your dilemma and get help designing a closet space to match your needs. It’s a freeing feeling to work with someone who really knows what they’re doing, and the best part is the initial consultation is free.

Customize Your Closet

When you strip your closet to the bare bones, you’re left with a blank slate to shape and form into the perfect storage area. The possibilities are endless!

In the end, no matter how you decide to customize your closet, the revamp will save you time and energy every morning. You’ll feel more relaxed and clear minded when you step into the closet, instead of feeling stressed and overwhelmed by the mess. Plus, your efforts to organize your closet could extend to other areas of your home until there isn’t a cluttered corner in sight.

Add Closet Shelving

Adjustable shelves above hanging rods provide versatility for stacking sweaters, lining up purses or storing extra blankets when you don’t need them in the summer. You might also opt for floor-to-ceiling closet organizer shelving for an open-concept look. This option is an impressive way to show off your shoe collection.

carolina closets closet organization

Use Drawer Organizers

Lucite or wooden modular organizers sort jewelry, socks, ties or belts in drawers so they never get mixed up or tangled. This creates a clean look and makes it easy to find exactly what you’re looking for. Dividing drawers into smaller compartments is also a better use of space than cramming everything in.

Conceal Dirty Laundry

All you care about seeing when you enter your closet is freshly laundered folded or hanging clothes. Dirty laundry is an eyesore, even in the closet, so hide it with a unique type of closet organizer: a pivoting hamper behind a wooden door panel.

When closed, the door looks like a regular storage unit, but it swings outward so you can quickly deposit dirty laundry inside. This solution can even contain a mini laundry-prep station complete with spot remover and lint rollers on a nearby shelf for easy grab-and-go access.

If you’re ready to transform your walk-in closet and implement custom solutions with the help of a closet designer, please contact Carolina Closets. We provide free consultations, so don’t hesitate to get in touch today!

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