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6 Tips For Hiding Christmas Presents, and the Benefits of a Custom Closet

November 30, 2015

Custom Closet Design

Kids are naturally curious. It’s normal for them to hunt down presents in an attempt to discover the treats you’ve bought them. Of course, since the element of surprise is important for a fun Christmas morning, you undoubtedly want to hide your purchases from your children. That’s why it’s handy to have a custom closet at your disposal. It’s the perfect place for hiding Christmas presents!

Traditional Hiding Spots in the Closet

Depending on the storage solutions in your ordinary closet and the age of your children, these traditional hiding spots may be sufficient to keep your stash undetected:

1. On the Highest Closet Shelf

This is probably your go-to option if you have smaller children who can’t reach up high. But as your children grow, it becomes easier for them to create makeshift steps to reach higher closet shelves.

2. At the Bottom of the Laundry Hamper

There’s a yuck factor about dirty clothes, so hiding wrapped gifts out of sight under a pile of unwashed laundry could be enough to prevent your children from thinking of looking here. Very determined kids may still catch onto your thought process, though.

3. At the back of a drawer

It’s possible to secretly tuck small presents behind the contents of a drawer, but resolute children are bound to check this spot.

Mastering the Art of Hiding Presents

While ordinary closets have a few hiding places available, closet designers have many other secret spots up their sleeves. Since the custom closet design is up to you, you can ask your designer to specifically fabricate places to hide Christmas presents. Get creative with these ideas:

4. In a locked drawer or cabinet

Unless your children are destructive – which would defeat the whole purpose of them being sneaky – it’s impossible to open a locked drawer or cabinet door without the key. Keep the key with you and you can be confident the presents will stay hidden.

5. In a secret compartment

It may sound like something from a James Bond movie, but it’s possible to have your closet designer create a secret compartment in your closet. Your kids won’t even know it’s there, so there’s no way they can even check it for hidden Christmas gifts.

6. In an old hiding spot

Wrap a decoy present and place it in a more obvious hiding spot. If your kids find it and unwrap it, they’ll know you’re onto them when they find a lump of coal inside!

Clearly, closets can be for much more than just organizing shoes and clothes. With a custom closet at your disposal, the possibilities for hiding Christmas presents are endless. To learn more about working with a closet designer to create the perfect custom closet, please request a free quote from Carolina Closets today.

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