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6 Stylish Reach-In Closet Designs

April 15, 2016

Are you looking for a way to get more out of the reach-in closet in your bedroom or foyer? Affordable, customized reach-in closets make a great addition to any home! Come explore some of our stylish reach-in closet designs to inspire your next closet makeover.

Modern Reach-In Closet

modern reach-in closet designIf you like geometric shapes and contrasting colors, a stylish modern reach-in closet design could be right for your bedroom. One take on a modern closet design is to use glass paneled doors with painted wood accents. Etched glass obstructs the view into the closet while still maintaining a light, airy appearance. Mirrored doors are also effective for making the room feel larger.

Kid’s Reach-In Closet

Carolina kid's reach-in closetChildren are notorious for failing to clean their room. One way to help make this chore
happen is to replace traditional sliding closet doors with curtains. Young children can easily whisk the curtains aside, making it easier to put toys and clothes away. Plus, it’s easy to trade out the curtains when you redecorate your child’s room in the years to come.

Contemporary Reach-In Closet

contemporary reach-in closet designIf you like the idea of bi-fold closet doors, install them in your bedroom to take the first step toward a more contemporary closet. These provide clean lines when closed, but let you access the entire closet at once when open. Inside the closet, a vertical shoe display, pull-out drawers and custom shelves complete the clean, contemporary look.

Melamine Reach-In Closet

Carolina melamine closetWire shelves get the job done, but a closet with melamine wood drawers and shelves is much more aesthetically pleasing. Plus, you can customize the wood components of your closet to include cabinet doors, shoe cubbies, adjustable shelves and other features not available with wire closet shelving.

Foyer Closet

Whether you’re looking for a place to store everyone’s shoes or you want an out-of-sight place to hang coats when guests come over, a foyer closet is the solution. Many entryways have a tiny closet less than half the size of bedroom reach-in closets. If you have the space, it’s beneficial to expand the closet so it works better for you.




Clearly, you can get a lot out of your smaller space with the right reach-in closet! Still not convinced? Learn more about the benefits of reach-in closets. Then contact us for a free Carolina closet installation estimate.

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