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Spring Garage Organization In 1 Weekend

May 6, 2016

Spring garage organizationWinter can wreak havoc on your garage. Luckily, you can turn it all around in one simple weekend. With some cleaning, planning, shopping and installation, your spring garage organization project will be complete in no time.

Spring Garage Organization: Day One

You start your weekend of organization by cleaning up and making a plan.

1.    Start from Square One: The first thing you need to do is to get everything out of the garage. You cannot see what you are working with until you can envision the full space. Do a quick sort of the items there. Separate the things you want to keep by season, and make a plan to sell or donate anything you do not want.

2.    Clean the Garage: This is your best opportunity to get the garage totally clean. Sweep all the dust, debris and garbage off the floor. Dust the walls as needed. Follow it up with a vacuum and a mop.

3.    Prioritize Your Space: With the space empty and neat, you can make some decisions about what you want to do with it. Start making a list of the things you want to store. Do you need to keep both cars in the garage? Do you want to store off-season equipment in garage storage? Prioritize the concerns on your list, and look into the best garage storage items to keep your stuff safe, clean and organized.

4.    Do Your Research: At this point, you should start to identify the best places to buy your storage equipment. Create a shopping list for all of the items you need. Be sure to note if a particular package requires you to buy additional hardware or accessories.

Come explore our ultimate garage storage cheat sheet for inspiration and guidance.

Spring Garage Organization: Day Two

The second day of your garage organization project allows you to put all of your plans into practice.

1.    Add Storage Space: With your shopping list, purchase your garage storage items. You can do most of your browsing and shopping online, and some stores will let you get a look at what you are buying, as well.

2.    Garage Storage Installation: At this point, installation is key. It can take some time and sweat to install garage storage, but the effect is more than worth it.

3.    Wrap It Up: Once installation is complete, you just have to make good on your plan by putting everything away, and arranging to keep it neat and tidy each week. This way, your garage becomes a joy for you, instead of the chore it used to be.

Installing garage storage items can be an overwhelming process. If the thought of installing your own cabinets, overhead racks, or any other garage accessory is intimidating, then contact us for a free garage storage installation estimate. You can also visit Slatwallaccessoriesdirect.com for free shipping on garage accessories when you use the discount code “CCSC”.

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