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3 Reasons for Home Office Organization

June 28, 2016

Home Office Organization

Like a lot of people, you may prefer to use your home office to get some work done. The problem is that you cannot, because your home office is a gigantic mess of papers and office supplies. Consider these three reasons to get the home office organization that you need for your stress, health and productivity.

1. Disorganization Stresses You Out

The science is in, and it is no surprise: the more disorganized your space, the worse you feel about it. The trouble about a disorganized home office is that you cannot simply go home to get away from it. This stress, which you may think will stick to one location, bleeds into the rest of your life. The clutter on your desk makes you think about it while you work on tidying the rest of your home. It raises your cortisol levels, which can slow your metabolism and contribute to weight gain. It is no secret that the best ways to combat health problems related to stress is to eliminate the stress.Home office organization becomes your path back to health. Dive in, get rid of the stuff you do not need and add storage items that keep you organized and on-task.

2. You Can Never Find Important Items

The stress you feel from disorganization has a genuine origin, besides just making you feel like your life is running out of control. There are reasons that you need organization in your home office, from old bank statements to upcoming bills. Every item that you cannot find turns into a potential hassle as you search for it. It distracts you, slows your momentum and can become pretty embarrassing when you cannot deliver on the project you needed to complete. There are easy solutions to this, including file drawers for your important papers, wire baskets for the action items on your desk, and a system to keep the clutter on your desk from taking over.

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3. Disorganization Hurts Your Productivity

You have two possible scenarios for your home office: First, you could choose a home office that is tightly organized. You always know where everything is and you never waste a moment hunting for a file, a pen or a replacement ink cartridge. Second, you have a home office that is in perpetual chaos. You spend 10-15 minutes hunting for that receipt, only to forget what you were looking for halfway through. It is nearly noon and you have not completed a single task. Which do you think is best? Obviously, the first option helps you get more done, while the second leaves a huge mark on your overall productivity.

Your home office deserves to be just as organized as the rest of your home. Come explore our home office storage solutions. To start the process, contact us for a free home office storage estimate.

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