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Limited Storage in your Home Closets

October 25, 2013

Not all homes have big fabulous closets. We would all love to have Carrie’s Sex in the City closet. But not everyone has the luxury of that space or money.  In fact, chances are you have a small walk-in master closet in your bedroom. Having to maneuver walking around scattered shoes and falling blankets and bedspreads can bring so much unnecessary stress. Closet organization systems can ease your mind and help keep your sanity. In designing your walk-in closet the first thing to do is clear out unnecessary items, for instance, clothes that you no longer can fit into or shoes that you no longer wear. Then decide what items you want to hang and what items will be folded. Install closet organizers that will allow for hanging and shelves for storing sweaters. You can add shoe storage and stack under your hanging areas.   This will give you a lot less stress when entering your closets and eliminates all the maneuvering to get to your items.

If you would like to have a custom closet design created for you, or, if that is out of your spending range, a budget friendly closet system installed, call Carolina Closets for a consultation!

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