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6 Laundry Room Storage Accessories that You Need

June 21, 2016

Laundry Room Storage Accessories

The only chore guaranteed in life is laundry. It never goes away, or even slows down. Thankfully, these laundry room storage accessories make the task that much easier.

1. Laundry Room Cabinets

Your standard laundry room may feature no more than a washer, dryer and maybe a hanging rod. However, it could become so much more. Add laundry room cabinets to give you the storage space for all your laundry items. Store your detergent, dryer sheets, iron and more, out of sight. All that your visitors might see is a tidy cabinet that unifies the look of the whole room.

2. Multiple Dirty Laundry Baskets

When everyone in the house just uses one laundry basket, you end up doing double the work. You have to sort out the light clothes from the whites and the darks with everyone’s clothes, when this could be done easily on a daily basis. Just create a space for multiple baskets for dirty laundry. You can even keep them in pull-out drawers, to hide them from view when you are not sorting.

3. Fold-Out Ironing Board

Crash! That is the sound of the ironing board falling to the floor from its precarious space in the corner of the laundry room. Resolve this nonsense once and for all with a fold-out ironing board. You fold it down to iron your clothes, without consuming a lot of space having to spread the job of ironing to the rest of the house. Once you have completed the task, you fold it away.

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4. Wall-Mounted Drying Rack

Where do you dry the clothes that cannot go in the dryer? On a wall-mounted drying rack, of course. Pull out the reinforced rack from the wall and hang up dresses, dress shirts and other delicates. When they are fully dry, you can hang them up in your closet and return the rack to the wall.

5. Stain Remover Basket

As with other rooms in the house, it is the little things that can really clutter up your laundry room. Add a basket for your stain removal solutions, wipes, scrub brushes and more. The basket keeps them organized and makes it much less likely that the bleach will spill and damage your clothing by accident.

6. Lost Sock Jar

You just found the match to a sock that was at the bottom of the clean laundry last week. Now, where did that other sock go? With a lost sock jar, a missing sock is no match for your organizational system. When you find a sock without a match, put it in the jar. Every week, go through the current load of clean clothing for the match.

With these six laundry room storage accessories, you can manage your laundry duties with better organization and even a little personal style. Contact us for a free Carolina closet installation estimate to get your laundry room in gear.

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