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Inexpensive Closet Organization: 5 Affordable Ways to Organize Your Closet

June 14, 2016

Inexpensive Closet Organization Tips

You need good closet organization, stat. However, you do not want to bust your budget in the process. The great news is that inexpensive closet organization does not require you to skimp on great storage that keeps your closet in line. Take a look at these closet storage ideas:

1. Start with Elimination

Clutter is the biggest enemy to your closet organization. Fortunately, it is absolutely free to get rid of most of it, and you might even make a dollar or two. Drag all the clothes, shoes, gear and accessories out of your closet and start to sort. Be honest about what you intend to use, and what is just taking up valuable space. This way, you can donate, sell or throw away anything that you no longer want.

2. Add Stacked Shoe Storage

Shoes are an excellent part of inexpensive closet organization. You do not have to go all-out in order to keep your shoes straight and protected. Stacked shoe storage gets your shoes off the floor, and keeps them together and out from under your feet. You could vary the height of the shelving to make room for boots, heels and flats by size.

3. Use Height to Your Advantage

In many cases, closet height is a resource that is underused, largely because it can be difficult to reach the top of your closet. This is an ideal opportunity for you to prioritize the space in your closet. Put the stuff that you need daily at arms-reach, and reserve shelves at the top for your belongings you do not need all the time.

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4. Store Out-of-Season Items in Overhead Bins

One way to minimize the crowded nature of your closet without having to break the bank is to develop a seasonal wardrobe. You have a handful of items that work perfectly in any season, and you can leave them on the racks and in the drawers year-round. The rest of it should be cycled out on a seasonal basis. For example, you can store your winter jackets, gloves, hats and sweaters in overhead bins or in sweater boxes on the highest shelf.

5. Make the Most of Closet Doors

The inside of your closet door is a veritable treasure trove of space for various kinds of uses. Install hooks to hang up sweatshirts and lightweight jackets. You could even put coat hangers there, to give you quick access to hangers for new clothes or those fresh from the dryer.

Even the simplest closet storage designs help you to banish clutter, find what you need and keep your clothing in great shape. To learn more about our closet essentials, contact us for a free closet installation estimate.

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