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7 Brilliant Home Office Organization Ideas

April 22, 2016

 Carolina home office organization

Do you own your own business and work from home? Even if you only use your home office to browse the web and manage your personal finances, it’s important to have a clean, well-organized space to get tasks done. If you’re looking for a little inspiration, use these seven home office organization ideas to get you started.

Keep it Organized

First, work on organizing your office. This means throwing away outdated files, clearing off your desk and relocating important documents to a filing cabinet. If you don’t have the right home office storage solutions to make this happen, get some! With your desk cleared off and floor space reclaimed, dust and vacuum to create a clean environment for reduced stress and improved productivity.

Light Your Home Office

You should have multiple light switches and lamps to create just the right amount of lighting in your office. During the day, you might enjoy some natural light from the window. While working on your computer in the evening, task lighting behind your monitor can help reduce eyestrain. Another lamp in the corner can be useful when writing letters and documents by hand.

Personalize Your Home Office

Avoid knickknacks and pictures on your desk, since these merely clutter up the space. Instead, hang photos and artwork on the wall. Choose stylish window coverings. Bring in an inspiring area rug. These decorations help you enjoy spending more time in your home office.

Use Light Colors on the Walls

If you paint your home office a dark color, you’ll get the feeling you work in a cave. Lots of natural light and white or cream-colored walls create a calming, productive atmosphere for you to work in.

Keep a Whiteboard in Sight

When you get a random idea or remember a task you almost forgot to do, jot it down on the whiteboard. By mounting this note-taking solution to the wall, you can write down your ideas without taking up valuable space on your desk.

Make it Digital

Another way to keep clutter down is to take digital notes and refer to a digital calendar rather than having papers all over your desk for these tasks. Also, take the time to scan physical documents into digital versions so you can shred the hard copies and free up valuable storage space.

Install Home Office Shelves

Glance around your home office right now. How much vertical space is being wasted? An empty wall is an opportunity to install home office storage. There, you can keep everything from family photos and decorations on open shelves to computer software boxes and spare printer paper behind closed cabinet doors.

When you’re ready to incorporate some of these great organization ideas, come explore our home office storage solutions! Then contact us for a free home office estimate.

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