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Garage Storage Ideas: Easy Steps to Make Room for Your Car

September 18, 2015

The garage: it’s the one room in your home that doesn’t seem to matter if it gets cluttered. You toss your dirty shoes there without a second thought. Your kids leave their bikes parked in the middle of the walkway. And shelves overflow with all sorts of odds and ends. It’s so messy you don’t even have room for your car anymore!

If this sounds familiar, it’s time to implement a few garage storage ideas to reclaim your parking space. However, it can be very difficult to get motivated when the garage is a complete mess. How do you even know where to begin? Start with these four easy steps.

garage storage cabinets

Reclaim Floor Space

The only things that belong on the garage floor are large, frequently used items such as the lawn mower, tool bench and trash cans. Anything else strewn on the floor needs a new home. Divide what you find there into one of four categories: Toss, Donate, Sell and Keep. Create piles on your driveway so the garage gradually empties. Once the floor is clear, sweep out the garage. See? You’re already making a big dent in the mess.

Install Garage Cabinets and Shelving

Now you need a good space to organize everything you placed in the Keep pile. Install garage cabinets and shelving to facilitate many of these items. Plan to fill shelves and cabinets based on each item’s function, size and whether you want them hidden behind closed doors. Be sure to label large totes with their contents so it’s easier to find what you’re looking for later.

Install Slatwall

For items that can’t fit on shelves or in cabinets, there’s slatwall. This convenient, flexible option lets you mount bicycles, kayaks, ladders, garden hoses, folding chairs, gardening equipment and more. You can also attach baskets to hold cleaning supplies, sporting equipment and tools.

Slatwall is superior to pegboard because it can bear heavier loads and has a beautiful silver finish. You can arrange hooks, baskets and brackets in an unlimited arrangement. You can also paint slatwall in your desired color, a task that becomes quite tedious with pegboard because the paint fills in the holes.

Install Overhead Storage

hanging garage storageIf garage cabinets, garage shelving and slatwall aren’t enough for your storage needs, look to overhead shelves. This garage storage system is meant to maximize every inch of your garage. Store less-frequently used items such as holiday decorations, seasonal gear and spare tires overhead to clear up space closer to the floor. This way, you don’t end up storing items where your car is supposed to go.

For help implementing these garage storage ideas, please request a free quote from Carolina Closets today. We’re here to help you transform your garage from messy to marvelous!

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