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Our Favorite Wine Rack Styles

June 7, 2016

Favorite Wine Rack Styles

As far as home improvements are concerned, the wine rack is back. Everybody wants a great wine rack for their homes, even if they don’t have a ton of space for it. With these favorite wine rack styles, you can store all the bottles you have and even show them off to guests.

Diamond Bin Wine Rack

The diamond bin wine rack is a simple, yet elegant style. A rectangular space is divided into two right triangles. In the space, you can fit any bottle you like. This rack is ideal for bottles of varying sizes, or for people who like to stock several of a particular vintage. A black stain to the wood takes the focus off the storage and helps to emphasize the shiny, colorful bottles and labels.

Wall-Mounted Wine Rack

Wall-mounted wine racks offer some of the best in wine storage without having to consume a great deal of space, especially on the floor. Select from racks that separate each bottle of a conventional size, to shelves that can accommodate small and larger bottles. The small size of each rack offers ultimate customization. In tight nooks, install one rack for the ability to house as many as 21 bottles. Customize larger spaces by adding several racks of different styles, to provide storage for the serious wine collector in a delightful presentation.

Looking for additional inspiration? Come explore our wine rack gallery

Modern Wine Rack

Clean lines and the use of dark shades make up the modern wine rack. Imagine every possible style put together, in wall-mounted wine racks that could hold hundreds of bottles. Diamond bins, shelves and racks allow you to combine the bottles by size, winery, vintage and more. Add custom shelving and racks to store spirits, glasses, even refrigeration for chilled bottles and cheese.

Traditional Wine Rack

Sometimes, you simply cannot beat the traditional look. Our traditional wine rack harks back to a time when wine collectors held their stores in natural wood, underground. You do not have to limit your choices for customization in a traditional design, however. Get exactly what you want, from horizontal or vertical racks to display grooves for your best-known vintages. Add custom lighting to feature your favorites and make the bottles easier to see. Racks on top give you a place for all kinds of wine glasses. Cupboards and drawers offer a spot for your wine collecting guides, stoppers, corkscrews and more.

Your wine rack should be as unique as you are. Check out our amazing custom wine storage solutions, enough to make you ditch the boxes on top of your refrigerator. Get ahead of the game by contacting us for a free wine rack installation estimate.

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