5 Great Ways to Customize your Walk-In Closet

5 Great Ways to Customize your Walk-In Closet

May 20, 2016

Customized Walk-In Closet

Does the warmer weather here in the Carolinas make you want to gut your walk-in closet and start fresh? With all the spring cleaning you’ve already done around the house, your closet certainly deserves some attention. If you’re not sure how to begin, follow this guide on how to customize your walk-in closet.

Start with Organization

The first step is to go through your closet and identify anything you no longer want to keep. The hard part is battling your inner hoarder and convincing yourself to sell some things and throw others away.

Some things may be obvious, such as clothes that have holes or stains or shoes that no longer fit. To help you carve out even more room, start by hanging all your clothing hangers backwards. When you wear something, hang it back up the right way. After six months, seriously consider donating anything still hanging on a backwards hanger.

Divide Your Walk-in Closet into Zones

You now have space to create specific zones in your closet for shoes, shirts, pants, dress clothes and accessories. Zoning your closet not only makes specific items easier to find, but also improves the appearance of your walk-in closet.

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Add Lighting

Do you ever use your walk-in closet as a dressing room? If it lacks lighting, you probably don’t. Even if you have a window in your closet, it’s still difficult to see while changing your clothes once the sun has gone down.

Why not amend this problem by hiring an electrician to either install an outlet so you can plug in a lamp? Better yet, have him put in a ceiling pendant and light switch for ample overhead lighting. Even during the day, lighting brightens the mood of your closet.

Paint the Walls

With all the ideas you’ve explored to customize your walk-in closet, you might never have thought to paint the walls. It’s easy to overlook this idea, but painting the walls a chipper yellow, tranquil turquoise or baby blue could be just what you need to make the walk-in closet feel as important and welcoming as the rest of your home.

Decorate Your Walk-in Closet

Just because the closet is basically a storage space doesn’t mean it can’t bring you joy! Add a few personal touches to your closet to inspire you as you get dressed every morning. Just remember you probably want to avoid knickknacks that take up valuable storage space on closet shelves.

The closet wall is the perfect place to hang motivational posters, framed quotes or works of art done by your kids. These decorations are sure to make you smile as you begin each day.

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