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4 Wine Rack Installation Tips

April 5, 2016

Carolina custom wine rackIf you have a passion for wine, storing bottles on the counter or in the cupboard simply isn’t good enough. You want a way to show off your collection, to enjoy the unique look of each bottle and have easy access to your collection when it’s time to select the right wine for a special occasion.

This calls for a custom wine rack! Before you make your selection, consider these wine rack installation tips to help you achieve the best results.

Wine Rack Size

The size you choose is, of course, up to you. Think about how many bottles are currently in your collection and how many you picture adding in the future. And remember, every time you pop a cork, it frees up space for a new addition to your collection.

Wine Rack Temperature

When it comes to proper wine storage, temperature is the biggest concern. The ideal temperature to store most types of wine is about 55 degrees F – right between comfortable room temperature and where you set your refrigerator. To achieve this temperature, many connoisseurs store their wine in an underground cellar.

Storing wine at about 45 degrees inhibits the aging process, meaning it takes longer for your wine to reach its most complex, flavorful form. On the other hand, storing wine at 65 degrees speeds up the aging process. This may seem beneficial, but slower aging is ideal for the most complex flavors when it comes time to drink the wine. Aromatic white wines and Champagne are the most likely to suffer when stored above 55 degrees. Long-term storage at a temperature warmer than about 68 degrees can ruin your wine collection.

Wine Rack Humidity

The concept of storing your wine in a cellar also helps achieve the ideal relative humidity level. Anywhere between 50 and 70 percent is good, though 57 percent is the ideal level to keep the cork moist. Storing bottles on their sides also helps maintain a moist cork.

If humidity drops too low, the cork may dry out and weaken the seal. Likewise, too much humidity and mold may grow on the cork. Measure the relative humidity where you store your wine with a hygrometer. If it’s too low, add a humidifier. If it’s too high, increase ventilation with a fan.

Doorway Seal

Once you achieve the ideal temperature and humidity, you want to keep it that way. A sealed doorway leading to your wine rack is an effective way to accomplish this. Plus, you can showcase your wine for all to see when you seal the rack with a glass door.

Are you excited about turning your passion for wine into a piece of art? If so, come explore the fancy wine racks from Carolina Closets. Then contact us for a free wine rack installation quote.

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