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Murphy & Wall Beds: Get More Room for the Things that Matter

June 26, 2015

A murphy or wall bed, also called a fold up or fold out bed, is mounted to the wall or floor with a hinge. This creates a pivot point so the bed can fold up vertically along the wall when not in use. Once, wall beds were reserved for studio apartments where space was extremely limited. Today, however, they are becoming more popular in single-family homes.

Do you think you could benefit from adding a murphy bed somewhere in your house? You’re probably right, and here are three reasons why.

Murphy Wall Beds

Get More from the Space You Have

If you have ever had to turn away house guests because there was nowhere for them to sleep, you could definitely enjoy the versatility of wall beds. You don’t need a dedicated guest room to house your relatives when they come into town. Instead, simply install a wall bed in the office or craft room to effortlessly convert it to a guest room when you need it.

Fold out beds are also perfect for your child’s bedroom. Limited floor space makes it difficult for your child to play in their own bedroom. With the help of a murphy bed, your child can use the room to sleep in at night and as a spacious play area during the day.

Experience Ease of Use

Any room with a murphy or wall bed instantly becomes a multi-functional space. Wall beds work with ordinary mattresses and the frame doubles as a box spring. With just a flick of the wrist, you can fold the bed out of the way and make room for another activity. You don’t need to work out to be able to operate a wall bed with ease.

Enjoy Intriguing Design

Murphy & wall beds come in many forms. Some simply fold up against the wall, but others come with customized panels on the underside of the bed to mimic the look of a custom cabinet when not in use.

For help choosing and installing a murphy or wall bed in your home, please contact Carolina Closets today.

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