Increase Carolina Home Value with Garage Storage & Closets

Increase Your Home Value by Adding Custom Garage Storage & Custom Closets

April 28, 2015

Any time you consider a home improvement project, you should take the return on investment into account, especially if you plan on selling your home anytime soon. While remodeling the bathroom and updating the kitchen are two great home improvement projects most people think of, adding custom garage storage and custom closets are a great way to increase home value as well. This is especially true if the homes in your neighborhood don’t have basements or attics for extra storage.

Use this guide to help your property make a killing on the market by adding custom garage storage and custom closets.

Optimize the Garage

garage storage cabinetsIn a study conducted by Bankrate, a moderate garage addition returns an average of 70 percent at resale. If you want to see this kind of return on investment, start by installing floor-to-ceiling shelves to take advantage of the vertical space. Sturdy, built-in garage storage shelves transform a blank wall into an efficient system for storing camping gear, car maintenance products, gardening equipment and more.

Don’t forget overhead storage for lesser-used items. Shelves attached to the ceiling provide extra space for spare tires, holiday decorations and seasonal gear without taking up prime real estate closer to the floor.

Next, plan a place to install custom garage work space and storage. Perhaps the back wall near the garage entrance is the best place for a work station and storage. The best thing about garage storage systems is that you can shut the doors and hide whatever you choose to store. This gives you garage a pristine, organized look.

An organized garage is appealing because it’s visually pleasing during an open house. Homebuyers also get excited at the thought of versatile garage storage opportunities once they move in.

Maximize Closet Space

Real estate professionals agree: custom closets increase home value because homebuyers look for move-in-ready properties with unique features that make them stand out from the rest. A custom closet certainly achieves this. The extra storage is highly appealing to prospective buyers and may even allow you to bump up the asking price.

custom closet designersThe best closet designs have much more than a single hanging rod and shelf. They have drawers, accessory hooks, closing doors, roll-out bins and shoe cubbies for functionality. They also have beautiful wood features and crown molding for pleasing aesthetics. Customizable storage with adjustable shelves and removable hanging rods appeal to buyers even more because they can tailor the closet to meet their needs once they move in.

Are you excited by the idea of improving your home’s storage solutions and increasing resale value? It’s not always easy to get it right without a storage space designer by your side. Contact Carolina Closets for more help transforming your garage and closet with home value in mind.


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