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5 Things to Consider Before Investing in Your Entertainment Center

August 19, 2015

Are you tired of trying to manage the cables and wires of your entertainment center? Do you long for a sleek system that keeps everything neat and easy-to-use? Before you invest a dollar into your wall entertainment center, answer these five questions to get a better start.

Which room is best?

entertainment wall unitWhen you imagine how your entertainment center will fit, you must first consider where you will put it. Look at your living room, den or great room. Think about permanent fixtures like doors and stairways, and how they might affect your enjoyment of the entertainment center wall unit. Do you want it centered on one wall, or toward one side? How big does it need to be to provide adequate storage for your equipment? Answering these questions now will save you some frustration later.

What size TV is appropriate?

Remember that when it comes to entertainment, bigger is not always better. You do not need the largest television for a small room. Measure the distance between the seating and the wall where the television will be. Divide that number by two and you get a good benchmark for the right size TV for your needs. Make sure that your equipment choices will also fit in the space you have for the wall entertainment center.

Do you want to be able to hide the TV?

Some people like to hide their TVs whentertainment center wall uniten they are not using them, while others want to proudly display their entertainment system. There is no right answer to this question. Just look at the style of your home and decide if designing a cabinet for the television might work better, or if you simply need proper shelving.

What kind of materials?

As with most storage options you might consider, the materials used to make the built-in entertainment center will affect your long-term satisfaction. Invest in quality products this time, and you will enjoy your system longer. For example, thicker boards will support more weight, and provide a more stable surface. Make your choices based on value, not price. Choosing value will leave you with durable products that protect your expensive electronic equipment for many years.

How can a professional help me?

Although quality materials are important, professional design and construction is also vital to the success of your entertainment center. Carolina Closets can offer professional designs and installation, giving you the custom entertainment center wall unit of your dreams. The best solution for you takes your needs into account, and creates an entertainment center that is done just right the first time.

Wall entertainment centers take some thought and consideration to give you exactly what you need. You want a professional plan to ensure that you get what you want. When you are ready for an entertainment center that puts you in charge, contact us at Carolina Closets.

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