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4 Simple Pantry Organization Tips

January 29, 2016

Organized Carolina Pantry Cabinets

If your pantry is a disaster, and you don’t know what to do, you may need these pantry organization tips, to get everything in order and make your pantry a place you enjoy once again.

1. Set an Energetic Mood

The first thing you need to do is make a conscious decision that you want to have an organized pantry. In order for you to keep it organized, you need to look at the space and believe that you want the area to look neat and clean. You can help encourage this sensation by selecting a design and colors for your pantry that make you smile, fit your décor and make you feel comfortable about the system. If you like how your pantry looks, you will work harder to keep it tidy.

2. Out with the Old

When you want your pantry organization to please you, you must get rid of everything that does not belong there. Pantries that are not optimized for storage have a big problem with expired food that lingers in the back. Just because it does not go bad in an obvious way, does not mean that you want to hang on to it forever. As you start to organize, get rid of the stuff that you don’t intend to eat or that has already expired. Make a note of the things that you tend to let expire a lot, so that you can buy them less frequently or stop buying them at all.

3. Organize Your Pantry by Food Types

With the food you have left, you can start to organize it in a way that makes sense to you. Remember that your mom and your neighbors probably have their own methods, and they may or may not work for you. Your best bet is to classify your foods by type, so that you know what to look for. Put grains and pasta in one section and canned vegetables in another. As you organize, consider the weight of the items. You may want to put all of your grains in one drawer, but if the drawer is always overfull, you may struggle to use it.

4. Install Pantry Shelving

Custom shelving is the way that you keep your food nicely organized without risking losing a bunch of items at the back or in the corners. With adjustable pantry shelving, you get to designate the width and depth of your pantry shelves, cupboards and drawers. That way, you can create the perfect spot for every item. This minimizes clutter, and reduces your overall daily stress because your family will always know where everything is.

Pantry organization is really quite easy, with the right tools for the job. If you are ready to turn your pantry from bland to awesome, contact us for a Carolina pantry installation estimate.

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