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3 Reasons to Organize Your Garage Today

February 24, 2016

Organized Carolina Garage

Is your garage comprised of disorganized heaps of clutter and piles of boxes? Are you tired of dealing with the mess? It could be time to stop putting off garage organization and finally make it priority on your to-do list. Still feel unmotivated? Consider these three reasons to organize your garage today.

You Can Never Find Anything

How often do you step into the garage, thinking you know right where something is, only to find that it’s nowhere in sight? When belongings aren’t categorized and organized accordingly, nothing has a set home, making it easy to misplace things.

Sometimes, it can take you so long to find something that you simply give up and make a trip to the store to buy a replacement. Then, a few months later, you stumble across the original item while searching for something else. It’s too late to return the replacement you bought, and now you’re stuck with a duplicate you don’t really need, which adds to the clutter already taking up space in your garage. This snowball effect wastes time, money and energy that you could save by organizing your garage.

There’s No Room for Your Car

The purpose of having a garage has expanded to mean many different things over the years, but one concept hasn’t changed: the primary function of a garage is still to serve as a place to park your car. If you have so much junk that had no choice but to relinquish your car’s parking spot, it’s time to rethink garage organization.

Consider how overhead garage storage can utilize the vacant space above your head and free up room to park your car. It could be the perfect solution, but you need a professional’s help installing heavy-duty shelves that can provide sturdy, long-lasting service. 

The Garage is a Dangerous Place

From insect repellant to antifreeze to sharp power tools, your garage is probably littered with items that can cause serious harm to a curious child or pet who runs across them. You don’t want to fear for their lives every time you leave a child or pet alone in the garage for a few minutes, and the right garage organization solutions can solve your problem.

Consider that garage cabinets store items out of sight. You can place dangerous chemicals up high and even lock the cabinet door to prevent unauthorized access to these items. As for your power tools, a workbench with slatwall and hooks installed above it ensures your tools have a home up off the floor.

If any of these three situations apply to you, don’t put off organizing your garage any longer! To learn more about solutions mentioned here, please contact us for a free Carolina garage organization estimate.

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