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3 Closet Storage Ideas For Better Closet Organization

April 13, 2015

closet designerHaving enough storage space is a major concern in many homes. You don’t want to get rid of any clothes, shoes or accessories, but if you don’t have room for it, these belongings clutter up your home and increase your daily stress level.

Fortunately, you can get the most out of your master bedroom walk-in closet by developing a streamlined storage system to maximize the space you have. Here are three tips for doing just that.

Have Your Closet do Double-Duty

Either way, letting your closet do double-duty puts all your clothes in one place and frees up some square footage in the bedroom. This makes the space feel more open and gives you the opportunity to install a different piece of furniture, such as a bookshelf, to store items other than clothing.

Install Accessory Dividers

Jewelry, hair accessories and shoes all need a place to call home. Accessory dividers keep them organized and in their place.

closet storage accessory dividerDrawer dividers make for some of the best places to store jewelry and hair accessories. These come in the form of lucite or wood trays with compartments for individual pieces of jewelry and hair accessories. You can place these dividers in a shallow dresser drawer or have custom closet drawers installed just for this purpose.

Shoes require a different type of solution. Floor-to-ceiling cubbies are a unique way to showcase your collection. Racks are useful for storing a smaller shoe collection near the floor or along one wall. Custom closet storage allow you to keep your store behind closed doors, if you prefer that. Even a turning carousel shoe organizer could be the right solution.

Be Smart About Your Storage

If you’re currently storing frequently used items out of reach, you’re going about it all wrong! The items you use most should be at eye level so you don’t have to stoop or break out the stepladder to reach them. Store in-season clothing, shoes and accessories within arms reach and pack away everything currently out of season to free up closet space.

If your current closet layout can’t accommodate your needs, consider installing custom closet organizers, shelves and hanging rods. Your walk-in closet should be a safe haven for your clothing and accessories, not a place where piles of clothes end up on the floor because there’s no room to hang them up.

If you’re not using every inch of your closet to the fullest, now’s the time to make a change. Contact Carolina Closets for more help.

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